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Civil Rights Defense

Boston Civil Rights Defense Lawyers

At Louison, Costello, Condon & Pfaff, LLP in Boston, we provide public employees and public officials, including police officers and other public safety officers with defense representation against charges of discrimination and violations of civil rights. Our attorneys have extensive experience in Massachusetts' federal trial and appellate courts and have successfully defended claims against their clients on numerous occasions, in cases including those involving charges of discrimination, false arrest and use of excessive force.

Keeping the focus on facts, not emotional appeals

The graphic image, broadcast across the nation, of an apparently helpless Rodney King being beaten by police officers demonstrates the obstacles a defense attorney faces when representing a police officer or other public employee in a civil rights case. Successful representation requires that the attorney keep the jury focused on the facts and the law rather than the emotional aspects of the case, presenting complex concepts in clear and understandable layman's terms. Our lawyers help members of the jury understand their responsibilities as fact finders.

Skill at trial is critical, but the groundwork for success is laid before the lawyers and paralegals enter the courtroom. When developing a defense strategy, our attorneys perform a thorough records search, prepare the defendant for the trial, analyze information provided by experts and jury consultants, and carefully consider the benefits of a settlement versus a trial.

Our civil rights defense practice

Our civil rights defense practice serves insurance providers and insured parties, including municipalities, town officials, police officers, educators, unions and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our attorneys also represent police officers and other public employees independently and as members of the firm's Baystate Legal Defense Service. Our practice in federal cases is nationwide, and our attorneys have lectured, written, and trained officers and public officials in these areas.

If you would like to speak with a member of the firm about defense against a charge of discrimination or another violation of civil rights, or if you have any other question, please contact our law firm's Boston offices. Our practice serves the entire state of Massachusetts and for federal cases, the nation.

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